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-NATA BOD Conf Call
August 14, 2017

-DATA Conference
December 3, 2017

-EATA Convention
January 5-8, 2018

-ATSNJ Conference
February 25-26, 2018

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June 7-9, 2018

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June 9, 2018



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I hope that you are enjoying some down time and family time this summer.  For those of us that are in the school settings, fall camps are right around the corner and another academic year will soon be upon us.

From December until the NATA meeting in St. Louis I was mentored by the best – Michael Goldenberg.  He has done a tremendous job not only for D2 but the entire NATA during his tenure as both District Secretary and Director.  During the same time, I had the opportunity to see another great D2 leader in action outgoing NATA president - Jim Thornton.  Both of these men will deflect credit due them, but the NATA is in a much better position because of them.  Thank you Mike and Thunder!!! If you have the chance, please drop them a note of gratitude.

The training wheels are off and I am excited about working with the D2 Executive Board.  Thank you for entrusting me with this role.  We will work diligently for you the membership. 

The NATA By-law changes took effect in St. Louis.  We welcome American Soma to the NATA.  Another by-law change on terms for the director also went into effect.  This was vetted through the NATA’s legal counsel and they determined that incoming D5 Director Mark Coberley and I would have an initial term of three years instead of two.  We were notified prior to the NATA meeting.

It was a great meeting in St. Louis.  Congratulations to the NATA Award winners MDAT – Tanya Dargusch ATC, LAT; Fellows – Ken Cameron, PhD, MPH, ATC,; AT Service Award winners: Yvette Ingram, PhD, ATC; Dan Quigley, MSED, LAT, ATC; Andy Smith, MS, ATC; Bill Von Leer, MA, ATC and Tom West, PhD, ATC, LAT

Other highlights included: an executive summary of Appropriate Care of the Spine Injured Athlete Inter-Association Consensus Statement http://www.nata.org/NR06242015; Hit the Hill Day 2016 will be held in conjunction with the Annual Clinical Symposia and AT Expo in Baltimore; CAATE announced that it will hold a public comment period on the degree change this summer; and the ECE is investigating the various internship programs and their effect on our profession.

On the Federal front Amy Callendar and her team have done a great job.  She recently announced that OSHA has sided with the NATA with its decision on Kinesio-tape.  In January OSHA classified the use of K-tape outside our scope of practice.  President Jim Thornton sent a letter to OSHA and he received their response in our favor on July 6th.  The three NATA sponsored pieces of legislation continue to garner co-sponsors in addition they are following eight other pieces of legislation that could have an effect on our profession.

These are just a few of the issues being worked upon by your national office staff.  They are a group of dedicated people that have an athletic trainers’ work ethic.  If you ever have the chance to stop by the NATA office they would love to see you.  In the meantime, send them a note of thanks!!

At the district level I was never more proud to be associated with a group from what transpired in March.  As we evaluated our finances it was felt that we could give some monies back to the state associations.  Mike Goldenberg spoke to all of the state presidents and it was decided that PA, NJ and NY would pool these monies and give Delaware $20,000 to assist in their needs.  Through the efforts of our financial advisor Lisa Quadrini and her team, we were able take the funds from our investments and help DATA set up with an investment account of their own.

It is important as an Association that we give back to the membership.  Another program that the Executive Board will initiate is the Star Track Program.  Beginning this fall, each state will select someone to participate in this program.  The D2 executive board will also select an ethnically diverse member so a potential of 5 D2 individuals will benefit from Star Tracks.  More information and applications will be available this fall.

Please remember that there are two Michael Goldenberg Grants available one each for the secondary school and collegiate setting.  Last year we only gave out only one, these applications will be available after September 1st.

So as you can read there are many things going on at the district and national levels.  I want to personally thank all of Executive Board, Committee chairs and members that improving our profession.

Enjoy the rest of you summer, please feel free to contact me or any board member.

NATA District 2 Director




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