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Atheltic Training in NJ

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How I Spent my Summer Vacation
(Ethnically/culturally diverse students describe their athletic training summer ventures)



  • Two ATSNJ Scholarships per year are available to current students. Nominations close January 15th.
  • Two District 2 College Scholarships ($2500) are available annually (deadline March 1) AND a Pay It Forward Grant targets an ethnically diverse recent graduate (within 1.5 years) who has passed the BOC with the purpose of developing leaders in District 2 (deadline October 15th)¬†
  • Several NATA Scholarships are available¬† annually; two of those are awarded to ethnically diverse students. Read the slide carefully.

Profiles of NJ ethnically/culturally diverse athletic training clinicians

Ethnically/culturally diverse students describe their athletic training summer ventures.

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  An ally is someone who demonstrates support for members of marginalized communities or people with diverse identities. Allies are willing to educate themselves by engaging with others and learning about the cultures and values of others who differ from themselves. Allies are important to culturally and ethnically diverse students and clinicians as well as to contribute to positive outcomes for patients. Click here for a PDF of resources.
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