past directors

Election of District Director
The District Director shall be elected by a majority vote of All Certified Members of District 2.  The term of office shall be one three year term and one two year term.  The term of office shall begin with the first Board of Directors' meeting following the Annual NATA Members Meeting, held during the course of the National Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium of the NATA. 

Duties of the Director
1. To serve as the official spokesperson for the District and to act as the representative of the organization to allied associations and other organized bodies, or to appoint a representative to carry out this func­tion.
2. To serve on the NATA Board of Directors.
3. To develop the agenda for and preside over all business meetings of the membership of the District.
4. To preside over all Executive Council meetings.
5. To implement the mandates and polices of the District.
6. To appoint all standing committees and other special or ad hoc commit­tees that may be formed.
7. To transact all business for and on behalf of the District, subject to the by‑laws.
8. To commit the District to no obligation in excess of its available resources.
9. To serve on the EATA Executive Board.

Past Directors
2015-Present AJ Duffy III
2011-2015 Michael Goldenberg
2005-2011 James Thornton 
1999-2005 Joe Iezzi
1993-1999 Steve Bair
1987-1993 Joe Godek
1982-1987 Edgar "Hal" Biggs 
1975-1982 Richard Malacrea
1968-1975 Francis J. Sheridan
1966-1968 Eddie Sulkowski
1964-1966 Joe Blankowitsch
1961-1964 Joseph Abraham
1959-1961 Jules Reichel
1955-1959 Charles "Chuck" Medlar
1952-1955 Howard Waite
1951-1952 Frank Kavanagh