Past Secretaries

Election of District Secretary
The District Secretary shall be elected by a majority vote of All Certified Members of District 2.  The term of office shall be two years, once renewable.  The term of office shall begin at the conclusion of the district meeting at the Annual NATA Members Meeting.

Duties of the Secretary
1. To attend District meetings, record and distribute to members the minutes of District meetings.
2. To maintain a file of the records and official correspondence of the District.
3. To conduct, in conjunction with the District Director such matters as meetings, notices, election results, committee appointments, and all notic­es as required by these Bylaws.
4. To maintain, in cooperation with the national office a current and accurate mailing list and an official record of the District membership.
5. To maintain a record of the District committee members and chairper­sons.
6. To provide the District Director with a detailed order of business including reports and announcements prior to each business meetings.
7. To serve on the District Secretaries/Treasurers Committee of the NATA.
8. To bring to each meeting copies of the NATA Bylaws, District 2 Bylaws, policy and procedures manual, voting membership rolls, a list of standing and special committees, and Roberts Rules of Order.
9. To serve on the District Executive Council.
10. To serve on EATA Executive Board.

Past Secretaries
2022-Present - Eric Schwartz
2018-2022 - Larry Cooper
2014-2018 - David Csillan 
2010-2014 - Tanya Dargusch 
2004-2010 - Michael Goldenberg 
1998-2004 - Jim Thornton
1992-1998 - John Davis
1981-1992 - Don Lowe
1964-1981 - Joe Abraham

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