Past Treasurers

Election of District Treasurer
The District Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of All Certified Members of District 2.  The term of office shall be one-four year term.  The term of office shall begin at the conclusion of the district meeting at the Annual NATA Members Meeting.  The District Treasurer may not serve consecutive terms.

Duties of the Treasurer
1. To receive dues monies from the national office.
2. To keep and maintain a permanent and accurate record of all receipts and disbursements of the district.
3. To handle the receipt and disbursement of all monies to and from the district.
4. To submit the official books for the annual audit by the Audit Commit­tee or at any time requested by the Executive Council.
5. To provide an annual financial report to the Director and interim reports as requested by the Executive Council.
6. To serve on the District Executive Council.
7. To serve on the District Secretaries/Treasurers Committee of the NATA.
8. To serve on EATA Executive Board.

Past Treasurer
2020-Present- David Marchetti
2015-2020- Robb Rehberg 
2012-2015- AJ Duffy III 
2006-2012- Charles Thompson 
2000-2006- Barry E. McGlumphy
1994-2000- J. Timothy Sensor
1992-1993- John Davis
Don Lowe
Joe Abraham

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