D2 Award Program

The District 2 Young Professional Distinction Award

The District Two Young Professional Award of Distinction was established to recognize a deserving certified athletic trainer’s exceptional leadership skills and service to the profession.

The recipient will be awarded EATA Registration and a plaque that will be presented during the District Two Business Meeting at the NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo in June.


Applicant must:

1. Be a District Two Certified – Member in good standing, whose primary NATA address is located within the district.
2. Have minimum of two years of NATA District Two membership and three years of certification.
3. Have an NPI number.
4. Meet the criteria set forth by the NATA Career Advancement Committee (7-12 Years Experience) or the Early Professionals Committee (0-6 Years Experience)
5. Be involved in local, state, or district athletic training activities.
6. Provide three letters of Recommendation

a. One from the sponsoring athletic trainer (must be an NATA Member).
b. One from a colleague who is an athletic trainer (must be an NATA Member).
c. An individual of the nominee’s place of employment.

• This individual does not have to be an AT or NATA member.

Application Requirements

1. Completed Application
2. Three letters of Recommendation noted above
3. Applications must be received electronically by 11:59PM EST October 15th, 2023

Electronic Submissions Only

1. Completed application should be submitted online using the link below
2. Applications must be submitted online by October 15th, 2023
3. The winner will be contacted by the District Two YP Chair June 1st

Submit application online (D2 members only)

Past Recipients

Shelly Stafford

Nikki Lounsberry

The NATA Bobby Gunn Leadership Award

The Bobby Gunn Student Leadership Award which was established to recognize one of the true pioneers in athletic training and to give deserving athletic training students assistance in attending NATA’s Annual Convention. District 2 and NATA will provide a travel/hotel stipend up to $1000 for NATA’s upcoming annual meeting and the NATA will waive the convention registration fee. The award recipient will also be recognized at the annual meeting during the Pinky Newell Scholarship & Student Leadership Breakfast.


1. The athletic training student must be a District Two Member in good standing, whose primary NATA address is located within the district.
2. Undergraduate or entry level master’s student in last year of school.
3. Must be matriculated in a CAATE approved program.
4. Hold a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.00 scale. Please submit a transcript.
5. Must demonstrate leadership qualities.
6. Must be involved in local, state, district, or national athletic training activities
7. Program Director Letter of Recommendation
8. Resume

Application requirements:

1. District 2 education program directors will be notified of application requests in January and may nominate one student from their institution in their last year of the program and will graduate.
2. Nominees must submit a letter of application, a resume, and a letter of recommendation from their program director.
3. The application deadline is March 1st.

Award Winner will receive:
1. Complimentary registration to the annual NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo.

2. $500 reimbursement from the NATA.
3. District 2 will provide up to an additional $500 of receipted expenses.

Award winner obligations:
1. Attend the annual NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo.

2. Attend the Pinky Newell Scholarship/Award breakfast.
3. Discuss with District Director other appropriate meetings to attend.

The winner will be contacted after the District Two Executive Council’s March meeting. It is the responsibility of the recipient to submit receipted expenses up to coordinate with the District Treasurer $500 within 14 days of the end of the annual meeting. Allowable expenses include transportation and hotel costs. Please submit directly to the District Treasurer 

Submit application online (D2 members only)

Past Recipients

Sarah Jefferson
Delaware University

Maria Pettitt
SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Emily Schmidt
West Chester University, PA

Devon Trieschock
University of Pittsburgh, PA

Katelyn Dolan
Ithaca College, NY

Morgan Dumont
West Chester University, PA

Sarah Himes
West Chester University, PA

Kelsey Rynkiewicz
King’s College, PA

Rebecca Dubas
West Chester University, PA

Eric Reeves
Lock Haven University, PA

Steven Barandica
Kean University, NJ

Shawn Hanlon
Rowan University, NJ

Alexandra Schubert
West Chester University, PA

Jessica Johns
Duquesne University, PA

Jordan Blair
Slippery Rock University, PA